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"If you have a website, or if you do any kind of marketing on the Internet, you must read this book.  Maria Veloso has created the definitive guide to using the power of words to sell any product or service on the Web. 
Maria is certainly a world-class copywriter.  When it comes to direct-response web copy, she is -- hands-down -- the best."

-- Jay Conrad Levinson, Author of "Guerrilla Marketing," the best-selling marketing series of books in history



"Maria Veloso's ' Web Copy That Sells' is the only book on the market that can teach anyone how to write psychologically mesmerizing sales copy that gets readers salivating for your product or service. You simply won't know the value of this book until you read it and try out her incredible copywriting techniques for yourself.  This book should be on every online marketer's desktop." 

-- Joel Christopher, Master List Builder, Publisher of Access-2-Success Ezine, http://www.MasterListBuilder.com


"Maria, I'm very impressed with your copywriting book!  You're the first one to really make a convincing argument and show concrete evidence why writing for the Web (especially e-mail copy) is quite different from writing for the offline markets in several aspects.  Thanks for your enlightening material."

-- Kevin Wilke, Founder of PureNetProfits.com and Co-Founder of NitroMarketing.com


"Without a doubt, Maria Veloso ' wrote the book' on how to turn a website into a selling machine.  Her book, Web Copy That Sells," is among the most important marketing books ever written.  It should be required reading for all Internet marketers, Webmasters and copywriters.  Maria has simplified the craft of writing direct-response web copy down to an easy, step-by-step blueprint that is so appealing even my wife has decided to become a copywriter!"

 -- Tim Russ, Editor, Candle Light Magazine


"Maria, I've just got a peek at your book I bought this morning, and I can see you are a fantastic teacher!  In your book, you present ideas clearly and powerfully, and they pull the reader along painlessly
-- just like your web copy!  I took this attitude:  "OK, let's see if Maria can really get me salivating for her book!"  Sure enough, after only 3 paragraphs I was ready to purchase!  A would-be webmaster would have to be brain-dead to not feel the power of your copy." 

-- Lloyd Standish, www.natural-anemia-solution.com, Guanacaste, Costa Rica



"This book is a must have.  I’m a good writer ...but before I read this book, I didn’t have a clue how to write web copy.  I didn’t really know how to get people to read my whole website and buy.  I became so frustrated when I would look at my site stats.  I noticed that people would go to my website, but they would only stay for a few seconds max.  I did some research and I came across Web Copy That Sells.  Since using the tips and suggestions that Maria talks about… I have seen a complete turnaround in how long people stay on my site.  I am also able to close more sales for first time visitors. 

Because of what I learned in this book, I not only write web copy for myself, I write for other websites as well.  Web Copy That Sells will show you what you could be doing wrong with your web copy that may actually be driving people away.  With this book, you will learn how to quickly captivate your web visitors into reading your web copy as you lead them through the sales process.  One chapter even shows you how to review your website (if you already have one up), and rate its selling ability.  Maria teaches you the EXACT times that you must try to close the sale.  This book is VERY INFORMATIVE, and she walks you through everything step by step, and explains everything very clearly.  If you’re selling anything online and you want to find out RIGHT NOW how to turn visitors into customers, get people to read your website and actually BUY what you are selling then you need to get your hands on this book now.  This book is amazing!

-- Rachel Johnson, Website Owner and Copywriter, Miami, Florida


"Maria Veloso's new copywriting book is simply INCREDIBLE!
I got a review copy of her book, Web Copy That Sells,
in the mail.  And it’s simply the most amazing book on
copywriting I have ever seen.  Maria breaks it down into
a simple process so easy that anyone can follow it.  I
always thought of myself as a gifted writer, but by
following the steps in her well laid out book, I was able
to take my writing to the next level.  I love the power of
words, I feel like this book has helped me unleash a whole
new palette to paint with.  The words that resulted were
simple, compelling, and powerful.  I'm so thankful for this 
incredible book!"
-- Kristie Tamsevicius, Publisher,
Brand Buzz Newsletter, www.BrandingOnTheNet.com 

Maria, I just had to write to tell you how great I think your Web Copy That Sells book is.  I have used it for less than a month and increased my sales on one of my sites by 30%.  That is the only thing I did different." 

-- Charles E. White, www.successfulsellingsecretes.com


"When it comes to writing the words on your website that make people pull out their credit cards and buy whatever you're selling, Maria Veloso is an absolute genius.  But what's truly amazing is her singular skill in simplifying the craft of writing 'web copy that sells' into a discipline that's both learnable and infinitely easy." 

-- Thomas Myer, Freelance Technical Copywriter, http://www.myerman.com



"Maria, I recently read Web Copy That Sells, and I've experienced an incredible side-effect as a result of 2 sentences that leapt out at me from your book.  I was running a pay-per-click campaign on Overture, and I was getting dismal clickthrough rates of 0.5% - 2.0%.  After I implemented what I learned from your book in my Overture description, my clickthrough rates skyrocketed to 5.4% - 15.4% overnight.  In the past, I almost gave up because although I was getting sales, I was paying most of the profit to Overture.  Now I get more hits, more conversions, and I'm keeping the profits!  Thanks, Maria, for your dynamite pay-per-click phrases." 

-- Terry Fisher, "The LottoMasta" www.lottery-and-lotto.com


Alex Mandossian

"Web Copy That Sells belongs on the desktop of any eMarketer who wants to make more sales and profits without spending a nickel more on advertising.

Maria's web copy tips and techniques are like oxygen that'll breath more life into your Websites and email campaigns.

Chapter 3 alone is worth 100 times
the price you'll pay for this copywriting book. 
So use your mouse and click on the 'Order Now' button before your competitors beat you to the punch!"

-- Alex Mandossian, Web traffic conversion strategist
and President of www.CopywritingCoach.com



"I must admit your book, Web Copy That Sells, is probably the best book I've read to date about web copywriting -- or copywriting, for that matter.  Unlike the other books out there, Web Copy That Sells actually plugged me into my prospects' thought process, showing me step-by-step how to sell to them.  I'll NEVER write copy the same again.  Your work will no doubt have a profound impact on my bottom line ... Thanks Maria!"

-- Scott Krech, www.InternetAudioMadeEasy.com


"I am just blown away by the way Maria Veloso takes complicated copywriting techniques, such as applying psychological tactics -- and explains them so that I, a copywriting newbie, can easily understand them.  And not only understand them conceptually, but understand how to use them and feel comfortable using them in my writing.  Maria is nothing short of a copywriting genius, and Web Copy That Sells is the most outstanding book for learning how to sell on the Web!"

-- Tim Warren, Dallas, Texas, www.GreatMarketingStuff.com


Maria -- I just love your book!  I spend about $30,000 a year
on copywriting education and I have to say this is the best
on web copy hands down!"

-- Lou Vukas, www.realestatefortunes.com


"Maria, Web Copy That Sells is definitely an awesome book -- thoroughly researched, practical and well overdue.  I've skimmed through all of the chapters and I've got to say WOW.  This has got to be the first how-to book that's actually a how-to book on copywriting that explains the science behind copy!  I'm learning your methods in earnest.  I think this is dangerous stuff!  Thank you, thank you and thank you!"

- Jon Relunia, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada

“Maria, I’ve just purchased your Web Copy That Sells book.
I was pleased to discover that you had written all the 
irresistible sales copy for many of the products I’ve bought 
over the years.  You’ve caused me sleepless nights because 
your sales copy was always so hypnotic and I would feel guilty 
for not ordering your products at first – until I’d finally 
give in and buy them.  Your mastery of the copywriting craft 
is so outstanding that not even once did I ever detect any 
hype in any of your work – it was just written persuasion
at its very best.  In fact I’ve printed out most of the 
sales copy you’ve written for Aesop because I wanted to 
study your sophisticated method of persuading readers to 
buy what you’re selling.  I’m so glad you’ve written a book 
that teaches exactly how you produce copywriting masterpieces
One day, I hope to be half as good as you.  I am very honoured
to know you.”  

-- Ardi Bakri, Singapore, http://www.club5678.com 

"Maria, your book is a great read!  It's full to bursting 
with innovative and invaluable tips for increasing 
website profits.  The chapter on ‘Psychological Devices 
That Motivate People to Buy What You’re Selling’ is a 
power-packed bomb – it blew my mind!"  

-- Mekhola Majumdar, www.writingwealth.com 


"Maria, I've read your book, Web Copy That Sells, and I've
also studied your sales copy.  Without a doubt, you are one
of the best copywriters in the world.  No B.S." 
-- Daniel Lok, Author, "Million Dollar Copywriting Secrets of the 
World's Greatest Copywriters

"By the time you finish reading Maria’s incredible book, you’ll know more than 99% of your competitors when it comes to making web visitors pull out their credit cards and buy what you’re selling. Surely you understand how significant that is.

"The truth is, I’ve invested a ton of money in my copywriting   education over the years and there isn’t anything like her easy-to-follow, step-by-step blueprint for writing irresistible web copy.

"So the only real question you should ask yourself is this:  how soon do you want to start increasing your income or profits exponentially

"For all these reasons, take the next step and get her fantastic book right now, while it’s fresh on your mind.  You’ll be glad you did."

- Tony Ostian, Web Copywriter, http://www.WebCopyGuy.com


"Maria, I shared some of the concepts I learned from
your book with the president of one company, and a few
other close friends -- all of whom had a similar "Aha!"
as I did.  Now, they're convinced I taught Jesus
how to walk on water.  :-)  It had nothing to do with me, of course.  It was your book -- and I told them so.  And, oh my God, what a 'wonderful paradigm shift' -- your ideas are definitely profound and mind-blowing." 

-- Robert Durant, Raleigh, North Carolina



"Maria, I cannot even begin to tell you how much I'm enjoying myself writing copy the way you've taught it in your course and your book!  I just love it -- and whenever I write copy for anyone, they're always blown away by the results!  And I've just barely gotten started. I actually look forward to getting out of bed every single day to write this way.  I'm so grateful that I found both your course and your book!  This has changed my life -- and at a time when I was stagnating after doing non-stop traditional marketing for over 20 years.  So glad I found you, so glad, so glad..."

Susan B. Loebl, Web Copywriting Specialist, 


"Wouldn’t it be nice if someone gave you a simple formula that would show you, step-by-step, how to put your website visitors in a buying trance — opening up their wallets and handing you their hard-earned money?

"Have you ever wished you could gain the experience and knowledge of an Internet expert without the pain and struggle of years of hard work?

"Maria Veloso is that expert and her new book "Web Copy That Sells” is the culmination of her 25 years in the copywriting business and her years as the Director of Creative Web Writing at one the most innovative and profitable companies on the Internet.  In her Book she very simply reveals a system for writing web copy that is profoundly different than what most so-called Internet gurus teach.  The difference is, it works!

"She shows what magic words will make people read your copy word-for-word, and most importantly, to then actually place the order.  She shows you how to “hypnotize” your readers and put them in the frame of mind to do whatever you want them to.  She shows you simple web tools that will automate and slash the time to write web copy.

"After spending thousands upon thousands of dollars getting information from almost every internet and marketing expert out there, I can say, that without a doubt, Maria Veloso and this book is the best investment that anyone wanting a profitable career on the Internet could make.

"If you want to rocket your web copy light-years ahead of 99.9% of the other sites on the Internet, then you owe it to yourself to get this Book today—study it, use it, and make money."

--Rick Miller, Internet Market Biz newsletter, www.InternetMarketBiz.com


Web Copy That Sells is an absolute necessity for anyone who wants to write riveting web copy.  The blueprint alone slashes hours off of writing.  Thanks, Maria, for a power-packed book! 

Nancy Travis, Web Copywriter, Miami, Florida


"Maria, I just finished the first read-through of your book, Web Copy That Sells.  Boy, you are some kind of genius or something!  I've read tons of copywriting books and as I read through your book, I kinda got a hole in my stomach, but also got really excited realizing how my approach has not been all that well thought out -- and how it could be a whole lot better!  I've gotten good conversions before your book came around, and I can't even imagine what's going to happen when I implement your ideas!  Your copywriting impresses the heck out of me ... but what impresses me even MORE is your ability to teach your techniques so clearly.  You've really got a gift, Maria." 

Paul Schlegel, St. Louis, Missouri, www.learnfastearnfast.com



"While there's a lot of other copywriting information out there, nobody does it better than you, Maria.  And I'm not exaggerating one bit.  I've bought everything on the market... from Jay Abraham to Dan Kennedy to Gary Halbert to Ted Nicholas, and on up through Joe Vitale, Corey Rudl, Marlon Sanders and Jonathan Mizel.  They're all good, but YOU stand out as the first I've ever seen to reveal exactly why web copy needs to be different from offline sales letters.  I dare even your stiffest competitors to deny how new and different your copywriting principles are from everything else on the market!

"Oh, and as for Web Copy That Sells, it's a hellaciously useful book that every writer, Webmaster and online marketer must have."  

Michael Parsons, Personal Transformation Specialist, www.tranceformationalpress.com



"Maria Veloso is the only copywriter on the planet
who was able to get me to read 14 pages of web copy,
through the hypnotic power of words, and compel me
to pull out my credit card and shell out $2,500 for a
one-day seminar.  In fact, her copy is so powerful I'm 
helpless to say "no" to any of her offers.  Many of the
products I own today are a result of her web sales letters.

"What amazes me is the simple, step-by-step process
she uses to explain copywriting so that anyone
regardless of their experience can quickly and easily
write powerful web sales letters sure to bring a flood
of sales. 

-- Preston Campbell, Principal Consultant, Profit Zone Marketing, http://www.profitzonemarketing.com 

"Maria, you have definitely revolutionized the proper techniques for writing web copy that sells!  Your book is absolutely the most astonishing, and easy-to-follow guide for any business owner who wants to take their business 10 steps forward, and start making a name for themselves in the online world.  Thank you once again Maria, YOU'RE ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!" 

-- Carlos Garcia, Publisher, Wealthy Secrets Newsletter, London, Ontario, Canada

"Maria, I can't even begin to tell you how much I'm enjoying myself writing copy the way you taught it in your book!  I just love it!  How you ever managed to organize what you do into such easy-to-grasp concepts and methods is just remarkable.  I'm beyond impressed!

Now, whenever I write copy for anyone, they're always blown away by the results!  And I've just barely gotten started.  I actually look forward to getting out of bed every single day to write this way.  I'm so grateful that I found your book!  This has changed my life -- and at a time when I was stagnating after doing non-stop traditional marketing for over 20 years.  So glad I found your book -- so glad, so glad..."

-- Susan Loebl, President, Windfall Marketing, Bethesda, MD



"I have a pretty thorough grounding in offline copywriting, but I've found your methods and techniques quite mind-boggling. They go beyond common practice and embrace a practicality that makes the whole discipline very comfortable.  Much of what you've introduced is applicable to offline work as well.   I thank you for expanding my vision of how this craft can be practiced and for opening my mind to developing a much broader array of tools to use."

Bruce Midgett, Missoula, Montana


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