Maria Veloso - Background

Maria Veloso is the Director of Web Copywriting University, and is widely acknowledged as the leading expert in web copywriting.  Celebrated by copywriting legends and marketing greats like Jay Conrad Levinson (Guerrilla Marketing) and Joe Sugarman (JS&A), this
27-year veteran of copywriting and direct marketing has developed a unique model of direct-response web copywriting that has consistently been proven to sell a wide array of products and services on the Web.

Fellow copywriters have dubbed her as the "killer copywriter" and "the best-kept copywriting secret on the Web" -- and she has become one of the most sought-after specialists of web traffic conversion in the industry. [See testimonials page.]

Her reputation for writing compelling web copy is well-known in Internet marketing circles. Through her unique model of web copywriting, she has sold over 35 million dollars' worth of products and services for her online clients -- sometimes selling a few thousand copies of a book in a single day, and sometimes $18,000 worth of services in 2 days. She has also written e-mails and marketing communications that have resulted in half a million dollars' worth of seminar seats. Through the sheer power of web copy, she has sold everything from consumable products to software to information products.

Maria Veloso started her copywriting career in 1977 when she worked as an Advertising Copywriter for a subsidiary of the famed Ogilvy and Mather. Over the past 2 decades, she has covered the full spectrum of copywriting -- including catalog copy, direct-mail copy, sales brochures, advertorials, newsletters, marketing communications and press releases.

In 1996, when the World Wide Web was just beginning to gain popularity, she started specializing in what has recently emerged as one of the hottest professions on the Internet -- web copywriting. Her
most recent designation was that of Director of Creative Web Writing for Aesop Marketing Corporation (a major Internet marketing company spearheaded by Mark Joyner), where she was involved not only in writing web copy, but also in scientific marketing, ad tracking and market testing.  Because of her extensive background, she has come to know exactly what works and what doesn't work on the Internet -- and this has been the basis for the development of her signature brand of direct-response web copywriting.

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